Let’s introduce you to the wild beauty of Skadar Lake! There are breathtaking views, hidden bays and canals of Rijeka, small islands surrounded by lotus fields and monasteries on them, older than half a century, and if you go deeper into the coast, you will see old fishing villages and stone houses scattered along the slopes of mountains that rise everywhere around the lake. Wake up the adventurous spirit that you never even knew existed. Breathe in nature with all your senses. If anything disturbs the silence, it could only be the bubble of birds that cover almost the entire surface of the largest lake in the Balkans and its surroundings – the main attraction is the largest bird reserve in Europe (on the lake there are about 280 species of birds, some of which are autochthonous). The diversity of fauna is expressed by the large number of fish species – about 40.

The boats “Milena” were built in the workshop of experienced master Djordjije Djoko Stojovic from Podgorica in April 2016, that is, in May 2017. The first boat is modeled more like a boat, planned for groups of up to 4 people, which at a higher speed come to remote locations on the shores of the lake. The second ship is a large, modern, comfortable, stable ship covered with a big awning, registered on groups of people up to 15 people. Milena’s boats belong to the Stojovic family from Virpazar.

Boat Milena

As a real hospitable Montenegrin, a lake expert and a man who spent his life on a lake, Dusan – Dusko will explore the lake with you and show you every corner of it.

His children, sister and brother, Milena and Milan, will firstly wait for you, show you their rich offer and help you choose the most beautiful cruise route depending on your possibilities. He will often go with you to cruise in order to give you all the secrets of the lake and remind you of the thousand years of life on and around him, will also be discussed about local legends and anecdotes that are added to the infinite series on a daily basis. It will paint you with history, culture, as well as stories about the diversity of flora and fauna.

Their mother, Snezana – Nena, will prepare for you famous Montenegrin specialties, and when you start the cruise, you will feel the scents of her kitchen on board.

With positive mood, smile, traditional Montenegrin welcome and hospitality, and above all useful and interesting information about the lake, we will make your stay on our boat unforgettable. Skadar Lake is waiting for you, and we will help you with our tips to feel his magic in the most beautiful way possible.

All cruises start in Virpazar, which lived in the 19th century as the largest shopping center in Montenegro, due to which the Pazar (market place, trade ..) was added to be later squeezed out as a small fishing village, which today is one of the unavoidable tourist attractions in Montenegro. A town known as a town on three bridges connecting it to the mainland, a large World War II monument that rises above the old bridge in the center of the town that testifies that one of the most important battles in modern history of Montenegro, which reminds us the courage and freedom of our people; also on the tower Besac on the hill above Virpazar, which has always served as an important location, depending on the historical circumstances that spilled over the turbulent Balkan region .. – Today, however, it is recognized by the relaxed and communicative population, always ready for any joke or information more, shows more than his hospitable and rich end, his culture and history, with a glass of wine or a piece of scarlet carp.

I hope we were convincing enough to give you the reason to visit this beautiful place, we are waiting for you in Virpazar!